Farewell Service for South-South Co-Workers

On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, the farewell service for Safari Désiré and Bibiane Ciragane, who worked as South-South employees of the United Evangelical Mission in the CDCC, was celebrated in Bolenge. The partners in Bolenge are grateful for the good mission that has been achieved: -Sugar cane field in Ilambasa -Field

Culte d’action de grâce au Poste de Bolenge

Une année depuis l’apparition de COVID-19, il a été convenu d’organiser sur l’ensemble des paroisses du Poste de Bolenge des cultes d’action de grâce afin de louer Dieu pour sa protection particulière et ce en collaboration avec le District de Dortmund. Ainsi, le PSP, Rev Jean Robert Ekonzo avait-il trouvé bon

Church district Bolenge collects collections for Dortmund

On Sunday, June 6th, we celebrated a partnership service in the Reinoldikirche in Dortmund. Partners from numerous countries were represented with digital contributions and an impressive video of the diversity of ecumenical relationships was created. The video can still be viewed HERE. The partnership with Dortmund was also celebrated on this