Culte d’action de grâce au Poste de Bolenge

Une année depuis l’apparition de COVID-19, il a été convenu d’organiser sur l’ensemble des paroisses du Poste de Bolenge des cultes d’action de grâce afin de louer Dieu pour sa protection particulière et ce en collaboration avec le District de Dortmund. Ainsi, le PSP, Rev Jean Robert Ekonzo avait-il trouvé bon

Church district Bolenge collects collections for Dortmund

On Sunday, June 6th, we celebrated a partnership service in the Reinoldikirche in Dortmund. Partners from numerous countries were represented with digital contributions and an impressive video of the diversity of ecumenical relationships was created. The video can still be viewed HERE. The partnership with Dortmund was also celebrated on this

A last goodbye

On the eve of the 56th tour of the ambulance boat, the members of the team met in Bolenge. Together they mourn Pastor Dorothea Philipps, who died on June 19, 2021 at the age of 80 in Dortmund. The ambulance boat project coordinator, Oscar Pekombe, writes to the Dortmund partners: "It

Life has become quieter

by Bernd Hühmer In Germany, the corona pandemic still has us fully under control. Life has become quieter, larger events have long been banned, museums and restaurants are closed. Many people suffer from the prescribed loneliness. Life also stands still in the parishes: groups, circles, choirs are forbidden, and services are

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Snowflake and Christmas

Maj is a member of the partnership between the Dortmund church district and the Bolenge church district. The young women from Dortmund is currently studying in Austria. Since a partnership meeting in October 2019, Maj has been in contact with Frida from Bolenge via WhatsApp: I just landed. In Vienna. From the sparsely occupied plane we went straight to a deserted airport. Austria has imposed an entry ban. Only those who undertake to undertake a ten-day home quarantine are allowed to enter. After six days you can test yourself free. I was in Dortmund with my immediate family over Christmas so I wouldn't be all alone in Vienna. Now I'm waiting a long way until it's my turn to commit to quarantine. Army soldiers explain to you that under no circumstances should you leave your own apartment. In the otherwise radiant entrance hall of Vienna Airport, shops are empty and others are barricaded. Unlike normal, no ceiling lamps are reflected in the floor but everything is in the semi-darkness.