While the Dortmund partners are preparing to send 250 calendars with photos from Bolenge to its supporters, donors and friends, they have received the following message from their partners:

Please pray for us as we are praying for you, brothers and sisters in Germany. We are following the growing of the covid 19 cases in your side including the deaths that they noticed yesterday about 952. This is very sad and fear.
In DRC, President Tshisekedi has taken some measures to fight COVID -19, after the cases are increasing again. In addition to this announcement, measures will be taken in particular concerning the education sector. The academic re-entry is postponed to a later date. And at the school level, students will benefit from early holidays from this Friday 18th, December 2020.

Large gatherings are forbidden, as are meetings of more than ten people, such as artistic productions, fairs and festive ceremonies. The sports competitions behind closed doors will continue. Measures that are going to have economic weight.
If the decision is so abrupt, it is because the health authorities are aware that the cases are much more numerous than those detected officially because of the lack of tests. One of the causes of the resurgence of the pandemic is the relaxation of the population in the application of barrier measures. May God continue to protect us.