We are pleased to announce that we have a new President of the Partnership in the Bolenge church circuit. It is Maman Belinda MOSAMBAY, she is also President of Women Work in the church office of Bolenge. She is a very active and creative young mother.

She is also the director of a kindergarten in Bolenge – Sünder, 2 km from the center of Bolenge. She works with 5 women who are teachers. It is a community (church) school. Due to the heavy rains, the ground became very wet and the school building fell. At the moment Ms. Belinda and the children’s parents are fighting to build a new building. We would also like to point out that education in kindergarten and elementary school is free here. This is a decision by our government that does not involve financial support for the proper functioning of these schools.

Photo: Maman Belinda Mosambay, new president of the partnership with Dortmund, and Superintendent Révérend Ekonzo Isofaso