We are happy to inform our partners in Dortmund about the installation of the new PSP in Bolenge. We inform you now about the official handover and resumption between the Outgoing Supervising Pastor, Rev Ekonzo Jean Robert and the new Rev Pierre Losandja.

Reverend Pierre Losandja is married and has 5 daughters. The decision of the General Assembly was executed this Sunday 17 October 2021 in Bolenge Church in the presence of 750 Christians who participated in the worship and all the pastors of the post who came for the occasion. People donated to the new PSP a living room consisting of 4 chairs as well as other gifts of value.  Right after his installation, the new Psp, Rev Losandja informed people to continue the same work as his predecessor.  He will visit all parishes to see by himself the work on the ground.